What is Annual leave?

Annual leave is a paid period of time off from work granted to employees by their employer.

Annual leave, also known as vacation time or paid time off (PTO), is a period of time that an employee is allowed to take off from work with pay. The amount of annual leave granted to an employee varies depending on the employer and the terms of the employment contract. In many countries, employers are legally required to provide a minimum amount of annual leave to their employees.

What does 'On annual leave' mean?

On annual leave means you are off from work. Generally you are going on holiday or just simply not working during the days when you're on annual leave.

This may be used in a sentence like: "I'm on annual leave next week, I'm going to spend the week in Paris"

What's an annual leave allowance?

An annual leave allowance is the amount of paid time off an employee is entitled to take from work in a year.

The exact amount of an employee's annual leave allowance is usually determined by their employer and may vary depending on factors such as length of service, job role, and employment contract terms.

In some countries, employers are legally required to provide a minimum amount of annual leave to their employees. For example, in the United States, there is no federal law mandating paid time off, but some states and cities have enacted their own laws requiring employers to provide a certain amount of paid leave.

An employee's annual leave allowance usually starts on their first day of employment, although some employers may require a certain period of time to pass before an employee is eligible to take annual leave. After the allowance period starts, employees may be able to accrue additional leave based on the length of their employment.

Accrued annual leave meaning

Accrued annual leave is the amount of paid annual leave that an employee has earned but not yet used.

In this context, the word "accrued" means the gradual accumulation or building up of something over time. So, accrued annual leave refers to the amount of vacation time that an employee has earned or accumulated over a certain period of time, such as a year, but has not yet taken.

The term is mostly used when your workplace doesn't give you access to your yearly annual leave allowance as soon as the year starts. This is more common with temporary jobs incase you were to leave suddenly.

Instead the employer would add an extra two days or so to your annual leave allowance every month that you work. This makes it easier for the employer if you were to leave as they wouldn't need to do any payroll adjustments in the scenario where you used up all your yearly annual leave in 2 months and then left the company.

Annual leave accral visualised

The graph above shows what 25 days annual leave would look like accured over a year. 2 days are added to the annual leave allowance each month, until December where 3 days are added.

Tracking annual leave in the workplace

Absentia is a leave planner software that simplifies the process of tracking employee annual leave. With Absentia, employees can request time off and their managers can approve or reject the request in a few clicks.

The software also enables managers to view and manage leave requests, and generate reports on employee attendance and time off. Absentia also offers a calendar view that allows both employees and managers to see how much leave has been taken and how much is remaining.

By automating the process of tracking annual leave, Absentia can save time, reduce errors, and improve communication between employees and managers.

Simplify your annual leave management

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