About us

Absentia is build and supported by Kieran, family and friends. Our holiday management software helps hundreds of employers and their employees manage thier absences.

We're a small company with no aspirations to be a large company. Our aim is to provide a useful and affordable tool, and to do right by our customers and employees. This will always be more important than growth and profit. That said, we're profitable too.

Kieran Kieran, Founder

Charities we support

As part of our goal to do good as a company we donate at least 1.5% of our profits to charities. As fond owners of dogs that keep us happy and loved during the day we are bias to donating to charities supporting dogs.

Some of our favorite charities to donate to include:

Holbrook animal rescue

All dogs matter

Dogs trust

We ensure our money is put to good use by only donating to charities that put a high percentage of their income towards their cause; instead of on administration or marketing.

Based in Brighton

Although we worked from home year round before it was mandatory, we consider our base to be the sunny sea-side town of Brighton, UK. The majority of us live in the area. Often listed as one of the sunniest areas of the UK, Brighton is bustling with culture and exciting things to do.

Here are a few of our shots:

Kemp town Brighton railing sunset

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Improve your team's visibility of absences by enabling employees to book and track absences online.

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of our profits go to helping our 4 legged friends
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