Annual leave management software that supports days and hours

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Does your business have employees with allowance that are tracked in days AND hours?

If so, you need a system that can handle both. Absentia may be for you.

Days and hours

In the 'Allowance' section when editing an employee you can choose what to track their allowance in.

You can choose betwen using days and hours for the holiday allowance on a per employee basis.

You can then set the allowance as usual, and the system will use the units you have chosen throughout the application.

Set allowances

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Annual Leave Management Made Easy

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How does Absentia work?

Absentia is a online staff holiday planner that allows employees to request time off and managers to approve or deny those requests.

The common user flow of Absentia is:

  • Employee requests time off
  • Manager approves or denies the request, employee is notified
  • Employee can see their allowance and leave in a calendar
    • If enabled - employees can see who's off in the company too

1. Requesting time off

Employees can request time off easily within the application. Staff can book deductible and non-deductible time off, the options are fully customisable.

Book annual leave screen

2. Approving time off

Managers approve or deny leave requests. Approved requests can be synced to your outlook calendar with automatic setup.

Approve or deny leave requests

3. Viewing leave

Employees can see their allowance and leave in a calendar. If privacy mode isn't enabled, staff can view their team's leave too, helping them with planning.

Leave calendar

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