How Google Manages Staff Absences & Best practices

Google has done a lot of research into how to improve productivity with experiments and tracking over their thousands of employees.

As a result Google is still one of the most prestigious companies to work for.

A major component to Google's strategy is providing employees with a hassle-free environment so that they can concentrate fully on work. Anything that gets in the employees’ way has to be kept to a minimum.

At Google this is expressed as a array of first-class perks such as fee food, office gyms and massage services.

These leadership policies have led to a number of innovations that have driven the company towards higher satisfaction and increased profit at an exponential rate.

So how does this all apply to us and what absence management best practices can we take away from Google's experience and strategies?

How do you empower staff when it comes to absence management?

Following on from the strategy of empowering your employees the absence management system at Google gives employees great control over their own and visibility of the team's absences.

Employees can view and book absences in the system themselves with absences being sent directly to their manager afterwards for approval.

Being able to view teammates absences enables a more natural booking process where members are more likely to self organise and plan their absences around each other.

The outdated process without the team having full visibility is the employee making a request and having to potentially reject a holiday request in the system if it would result in a shortage of staff during that period.

Managers are still in control of booked absences due to the approvals process but organising the team becomes a much simpler task. The system takes care of even the minute details such as reminding employees to use up their allowance when it's approaching the end of the year.

How can I model my processes to follow these patterns?

At Absentia we have implemented an almost like to like implementation to provide as an staff holiday tracker.

Our service can help you empower your employees and save time wasted on absence tracking, you can get setup and reap the benefits in just 10 minutes.

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