Work schedules & absence types

When an absence is booked the deductable allowance is partially dictated by the user's work schedule and the absence type.

If an absence is marked as 'Non-deductable' then the absence will not deduct any days from the user's allowance.

The work schedule is also checked when the deduction is calculated and any non working days are excluded.

Note: Single day bookings do not take the user's work schedule into account. This is intentional as it can be used to book deductable absences on non-working days.


If Anne's allowance is 25 days and she books 7 days off Monday to Sunday. Her work schedule states that she does not work weekends, therefore those days are not included in the deduction calulation. Her deduction for this absence is 5 days and she is left with an allowance of 20 days.

If Anne selected a non-deductable leave type, the deduction would have been 0 and she would still have 25 days allowance.

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