Announcing our sister product for recruiters: Ruiter

Today we announce a sister project we have been working on in the downtime when Absentia has been running smoothly.

Ruiter is a website builder for recruitment agencies and independent recruiters. The website builder removes the pain of setting up a functional and well designed website to promote your vacancies. You could be setup with a brand new website in just 10 minutes while being in full control of your content.

All of our templates come optimised for ranking well in search engines and ensuring you have the best chance of getting your jobs found by candidates.

But wait... Ruiter isn't just the best way to build a recruiter website, behind the scenes your website comes with a suite of tools which is always getting bigger. The most popular feature is the job board that comes fully integrated with every template, you can publish jobs and recieve applications right from your website.

If you have a recruitment effort and are in the market for a slick new website to promote your roles check out Ruiter.

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