Minimum Holiday Allowance for every country mapped

Our helpful tool below will help you find your minimum allowance by selecting your country.

Holiday allowance based on a 5 day work week: {{ allowance }}

Interactive map

Visualisations are fun and easy to read so we took Wikipedia's List of minimum annual leave by country and converted it into a global chart.

The countries with the highest minimum holiday allowance are quite surprising, here are our favorites:

  • Kuwait - 35
  • Andorra - 31
  • Algeria - 30
  • Bahrain - 30
  • Iran - 26

Here are a few more interesting facts for you:

  • Andorra (a tiny country between Spain and France) mandates a period of at least two weeks uninterrupted rest per year
  • Countries such as Bahrain and Algeria scale the minimum allowance based on the time worked at the company (both capping the maximum to 30 days)
  • Austria requires an extra 5 days annual leave if your service exceeds 25 years!
  • In Libya your entitlement grows from 30 to 45 days once you turn 50 years old
  • Luxembourg grants "Extraordinary paid leave" of 1 day for moving house, 3 days for the death of a sibling, 6 days for getting married and a few more

Incase the interactive chart does not work for you here is an image version:

Holiday allowance per country on a global map

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